Mission and Objectives


Marian College, Marian Health Careers Center believes that education is a lifelong continuing process which enhances the quality of life of the individual. Marian College is committed to contribute to this process through its nursing and allied health courses.


The College has the following objectives:

To offer courses in nursing and allied health that meet industry demands

To provide an educational environment which develops the students’ knowledge, skills, attitudes, and habits

To provide support services which contribute to student success

To prepare graduates for employment within the industry for which they are trained 


Our Philosophy


Every person is a whole being with physical, psychosocial, and intellectual attributes having individual needs and values. A person has the ability to adapt to internal and external changes.


Society is composed of individuals with different values and needs. An individual makes decisions and choices based on what is most beneficial to him or her.


Education should be self-directed, a lifetime continual learning process that benefits both the individual and society.


At Marian College, education is fostered in an environment of mutual respect. And education is best achieved when the learner participates actively and the employer and employee practice participatory management.